The University Organized the "Enrich Holiday and Enjoy Beautiful Campus" Lingxiu Lake Angling Contest

Release Time:2022-05-06 Author:Qin Chuan Editor:Liu kuang

In order to enrich the May Day holiday life of teachers and students, on the morning of May 2, the university held a angling experience activity with the theme of "Enrich Holiday and Enjoy Beautiful Campus" at Lingxiu Lake. Nearly 1,000 students enthusiastically signed up for the event.

At 9 a.m., the contestants came to the competition site early to observe the geographical advantages of fishing positions and get familiar with the rules of the competition. At 9:30, when the fishing contestant officially began, the contestants skillfully baited the hooks, toss the hooks in, and reeled out the line. The competition scene was orderly and the atmosphere harmonious. The players concentrated on the floats bobbing up and down, ready to reel in at any time and enjoying the fun of fishing. whenever a fish was hooked out of the lake, cheers would ring out over the lake.

After three hours of quiet fishing experience, the total catch of the whole event reached more than 10 kilos , and all the fish were released back into Lingxiu Lake. Particularly, the Graduate School won the first prize; the School of Vocational and Technical Teacher Training, the School of Architecture and Construction Engineering, the School of Metallurgy and Material Engineering won the second prizes, and the third prizes went to the School of Petroleum Engineering, the School of Mechanical and Power Engineering, the School of Foreign Languages, the School of Electrical Engineering, the School of Mathematics, Physics, and Big Data. In addition, the competition also gave out the " The Greatest Weight Award,""The Most Beautiful Fish Award" and "Fastest Fishing Award," which were won by the Graduate School, the School of Petroleum Engineering and the School of Architecture and Construction Engineering.



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