The University Conducted Fire Emergency Evacuation Drill in 2022

Release Time:2022-05-25 Author:Qin Chuan Editor:Liu kuang

In order to effectively prevent disasters and accidents, on the afternoon of May 18, the university and the Sha Pingba District fire rescue brigade jointly carried out 2022 fire emergency evacuation drill. Relevant responsible persons of Safety and Stability Office of Municipal Education Commission , Municipal Public Security Bureau and National Security Corps, Municipal Fire Rescue Corps, National Higher Education Security Society and Chongqing Higher Education Security Society came to the site for supervision, and more than 600 teachers and student representatives attended for observation.

In order to enhance the authenticity of the drill scene and effectively improve the students 'sense of participation, this drill was held in No.3 Student Dormitory Building in the Rongyuan Compound. At 14:45, the drill officially began. A large amount of smoke escapes from the simulated fire building accompanied by a loud explosion. The group of dormitory keepers, security team members, counselors and fire volunteers quickly form the front-line fire fighting and evacuation force. The security team members immediately use fire extinguishers to put out the fire in the dormitory. The dormitory keepers immediately report to the university stability command center, and the counselors and fire volunteers quickly organize the emergency evacuation of students in the building. The stability command center immediately starts the fire emergency response plan, reports to the university leaders quickly, issues response instructions and calls the fire department. After receiving the instruction, 3 special service team members from the nearby safety service platform immediately form the second-line fire extinguishing force. They rush into the building on fire and carry out fire extinguishing operation from inside to outside with indoor fire hydrant. Subsequently, three special service members of the school's mini-fire station arrive in the "Beacon Fire" fire engine to form the third fire fighting force, and they use outdoor fire hydrants to carry out fire fighting operations from outside to inside. The two teams at the scene carry out cross-fire fighting at the same time. The school security department urgently starts the UAV to search the burning building. The fourth search and rescue force composed of security officials and security team members arrive at the burning building. According to the guidance of the search UAV, they quickly transfer the "injured" students to the emergency rescue point set by the school hospital, and immediately carry out high-altitude rope landing rescue for the trapped students on the top floor. At 15:01, the fifth fire-fighting and rescue force composed of fire rescue vehicles of Sha Pingba District Fire Rescue Brigade arrive at the scene. Firefighters immediately use high-pressure water cannons to extinguish the fire in the building, and at the same time, use fire ladder trucks to carry out high-altitude rescue for the students trapped on the balcony of the dormitory. At 15:18, with the last "trapped person" successfully rescued, warm applause broke out at the scene, and the drill ended successfully.

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