The School Holds the Theme Cultural Activity of Dragon Boat Festival in 2022

Release Time:2022-06-09 Author:Qin Chuan Editor:Liu kuang

On the afternoon of June 2, the theme cultural activity of Dragon Boat Festival in 2022 was held in Rongyuan Commercial Street, attracting hundreds of teachers and students to participate.

This event featured a series of activities such as traditional cultural appreciation of "poetry and ballads" , cultural custom experience of "fragrance pouches," and campus folk songs collection of "our decade." On-site students participated enthusiastically, as they immersed themselves in the festival atmosphere of Dragon Boat Festival and tasted the charm of Chinese excellent traditional culture in activities such as poetry concatenation, and fragrance pouches making.

It is understood that this Dragon Boat Festival cultural theme activity is an important part of the "three festivals and two series" of our university, and it is also an important cultural platform for teachers and students to promote the inheritance and development of Chinese excellent traditional culture, and to build an important cultural platform for teachers and students to inherit patriotic feelings and carry forward national spirit.

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